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Playing Photographer

When the ball dropped and the year turned to 2020, I'm pretty sure none of us could have expected the year to... well... go up in flames? But some good did come from all the madness (like whipped coffee and tie-dye sweat suits). Personally, I was able to tap in to my artistic side, rediscover many of my creative hobbies that had been pushed to the side previously, and even try out some new ones.

Perhaps the most unexpected: Wedding photography.

Yes, you read that right. I wouldn't call myself a photographer, and I've only been to a handful of weddings, but this summer I felt like the hottest ticket on Boston's North Shore.

All joking aside, I was absolutely honored to be trusted to capture such special moments for two dear friends. With their permission, I'm excited to share some of my shots from this summer with you.

Cailey & Greg

I first became friends with this lovely couple on a 2018 Greece trip! Cailey and Greg are so silly, carefree, kind, and have the sweetest dog (which is the real reason I keep them around). When Covid hit, they decided to plan a last minute small ceremony in a local park, and wanted to keep the guest list very small (like, only immediate family small). They didn't want to get a pro photographer and feel like they were spending the day with a stranger, so they asked if I would shoot the day for them (and do the bride, MOB, and SOB hair & makeup beforehand). I made sure they understood that I don't know a ton about photography and editing, and once they assured me they just wanted photos and didn't expect professional quality, I went to work picking the brain of my good friend Michelle Spanedda, photographer extraordinaire, so I could do my absolute best for them.

What C & G didn't know was their family and friends were secretly planning a surprise boat-parade wedding celebration. The talented Lauren McCarthy of LoMac Designs hand-carved custom champagne flutes, and made the most beautiful wedding cake with fondant orchids to match the brides bouquet. Friends and family parked their boats, ready to cheer the happy couple on with signs, bells, and believe it or not, CANONS!

I feel so lucky to have spent this beautiful August afternoon with these two.

I also made a point to take little clips on my phone throughout the day to create a surprise short video as soon as I got home. I knew it would take me awhile to get through editing all the photos, and wanted to make sure they had something to enjoy ASAP!

Lisa & Les

I feel so lucky to work with the best group of women. Since meeting Lisa in 2017, she has become one of my closest (and most fashionable) friends. If her name sounds familiar, you may recognize her from her blog, Lisa by the Sea! Lisa is one of those girls that has always dreamed of her wedding, and began planning her special day as soon as she was engaged. Unfortunately, even after planning 2 years ahead, her wedding was rescheduled to Fall 2021 in hopes the world may be in a better place. Knowing how excited she had been for her original date, I couldn't possibly let it go by without doing something to help her and her fiancé celebrate. I offered to meet them at their wedding venue and take photos the week of their original date, and lucky for me, she said YES!

I certainly still wouldn't consider myself a photographer, but was delighted to capture two of my favorite couples. I wonder what surprises 2021 holds.


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