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Modern Picnic

As you may or may not have noticed, I took an accidental ~hiatus~ from blogging. But, when I got my new favorite thing in the mail a few weeks ago, I KNEW I had to share it with you here.

After working from home for 5 months, I was honestly feeling a bit anxious about going back to the office! How would I get back into a routine? As much as I love my co-workers, all the logistics of commuting a half hour to spend 9-5 at my office were a bit daunting.

Then, I came across an Instagram post showcasing a super cute purse.... except it wasn't just a purse, it was a lunchbox!

Next thing I knew, I was cyber stalking Modern Picnic. If we all really do have an FBI agent watching us through our phones, mine must have been horrified by the crazed look in my eyes. I'm telling you, I was instantly obsessed.

Once I got past the excitement of how cute the bags are, I was even more delighted to learn MP is a women-owned company. Better yet, the founder Ali Kaminetsky, is the same age as me and grew up in the same area of Connecticut as I did. "Ok MP, now you've really got me hooked."

I feel so fortunate to be partnering with Modern Picnic as an ambassador. If you haven't noticed, I love working with brands run by badass business women that have a broader mission than just their product. MP offers a stylish, sustainable option for an every day item, and uses vegan materials while they're at it. Better yet, they put their money where their mouth is and have partnered with The Pink Agenda to create the Limited Edition Pink Faux Crocodile Luncher.

"The Pink Agenda is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancer research. Since its founding in 2007, TPA has raised over $3.5 million to fund research. We are so excited to partner with TPA with our limited edition luncher. 20 percent of proceeds from this purchase will go towards supporting TPA’s ongoing commitment to cancer research."

Nothing feels better than treating yourself to a cute new wardrobe addition, knowing a portion of your purchase benefits such a great cause!

I'm so glad I invested in my Bamboo Black Luncher. If you're like me, you've struggled to find cute, functional ways to tote snacks around without worrying about keeping them fresh. Now I can keep my lunch fresh on the go, and feel stylish doing it.

You didn't think I would gush over Modern Picnic without hooking you up with a discount, did you?

Use code MELODY15 for 15% off any purchase from Modern Picnic!


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