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Boat Day Essentials

Two summers ago, I hit the Tinder jackpot and met my boyfriend who just so happens to be a professional sailor. What does that mean? This girl who never got invited to go out on her friend's boats on Connecticut lakes growing up, is now sailing and motor boating around the Atlantic Ocean on the reg! #nailedit

I now have 2+ years experience of trying to seem cool on boats, and through much trial and error, have figured out the necessities for a successful day of floating in a vessel.

1. A Cute Hat

This may sounds a bit obvious, but I can't tell you how many times I've burnt my scalp after a long day of fun on the water. We all know using sunscreen is important, but there don't seem to be any SPF products designed specifically to protect your scalp from the sun's rays (if you know of one though, LMK). Imagine rubbing sunscreen into your hair? ew.

So, I always try to remember a baseball cap or cute wicker hat to protect my head. Plus, its a cute way to accessorize!

2. Boat-Friendly Drinks

You know what feels silly? Trying to lug bottles of wine and glasses around a boat. Dropping one of those would be a total party foul! That's why I like to bring cans of my favorite boat day drink, SOCIAL Sparkling Wine, to share with my friends. The cans are the cutest, and the wine is super clean so you don't wind up feeling gross after having a few.

I've already told you guys how much I <3 SOCIAL in a blog post, and I've had so many people reach out to tell me how much they love it too! You can check if they sell it near you here. Or, you can pull a total 2018 move and order it straight to your front door (and use my code SOCIALmelody for 15% off).

3. A Bathing-Suit You'll Feel Confident in All Day!

Don't you hate it when you wear an outfit out that you thought was cute, only to find yourself tugging on it, trying to cover up, or just generally distracted by how not so great you feel in it? Next time you're getting ready for a day on the water, pick a suit you know you'll feel good in all day!

For the past year or two, I've been obsessed with one piece suits. One of my favs is this suit from aerie (aka the one I'm wearing in the above 2 pictures). I also love this one piece from Abercrombie!

Weather you're a bikini or a one piece gal, make sure you're geared up for a day of swimming, long boarding, jumping off cliffs, or whatever you and your friends might get into on the water!

4. Sunscreen You Won't Dread Reapplying

We all know that not only are we supposed to put on sunscreen before we go outside, but that we're also supposed to keep reapplying throughout the day. However, I'll be the first to admit how unappealing re-slathering on sunscreen when you're already sandy, sweaty, or wet is.

Once I found my boyfriend's Sunbum, I literally couldn't stop smelling it... it smells like vacation! I like Sunbum so much I follow them on Instagram (which, if you like cute kids, monkeys, or beaches, I recommend you do too).

5. Facial Spray

Idk about you guys, but I never feel like my freshest self after a long day out on the water. Usually, I leave more slightly sunburned saltwater creature than aquamarine water queen. So, I've learned to always bring my Mario Badescu rosewater face spray to freshen up at the end of the day! Try this after your next long day in the sun, and you'll see why It's one of my must haves.

6. A Day-to-Night Coverup

Fashion gurus always describe the ideal outfit as "day-to-night." This concept is maybe even more relevant to your boat day coverup. You want to pick an outfit that can protect you from the sun, wont get ruined when wet, but can also be worn out to a restaurant or BBQ when you get off the water. There isn't always time to change and freshen up when you get off the water, so you need to be prepared!

I've found some of my favorite coverups at Marshalls (including the one pictured above). Or, sometimes I'll wear a wrap skirt over my suit during the day (I have this one from Abercrombie in 2 colors), and then pop on a cute crop top once were on land.

Now go get nauti!

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