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A Love Confession

I love plants. Like, I really love them!

I try to fill my life with plants as much as possible. You'll find green babies (as I annoyingly like to call them) filling every empty corner of my apartment, on my desk at work, in patterns on my clothes, and in most of my Instagram photos. One of my favorite past times is hopping in my little Toyota Corolla to the closest greenhouse. Hell, even most of the art I own is plant-centric!

I would love to pretend I'm a real trend setter for this, but I'm totally not. Millenials in general are obsessed with greenery. Have you noticed all of the beauty and fashion brands complimenting millennial pink with palm leaves, succulents, or cacti? If you haven't, you will now (including on this very blog).

I obviously can't speak for my entire generation, but I can tell you why I've fallen head over heels for plants.


So much of life is growth, and not just in the literal term. Expanding upon your knowledge, learning how you love, and figuring out what makes you feel fulfilled and happy are all growing. Plants are like a visual manifestation of this. Not sure how to take care of your little green thing? You need to learn, or it will die! Maybe you don't have a "green thumb" but long to add some greenery to your space? Choosing a succulent, which needs minimal care, may be a self aware plant purchase for you. Have you been feeling a bit down? Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood!


So many millennials are dealing with financial instability, loneliness, and worst of all, #ghosting! Sometimes it can feel like no matter how much of yourself you give, you don't get much in return. Thankfully, that is not usually the case in the world of plant care. Taking care to notice when your plant needs to be watered, finding a location with the right amount of sun, trimming off brown leaves, and adding plant food to your watering can all make a huge difference in the life of your little green guy. In return, you'll receive cleaner air, a more vibrant living space, and the fuzzy feeling you can only get from nurturing. If you play your cards right, you could have yourself a life long green companion!


I know this is a bit hippy dippy / maybe just my personal opinion (granted, this whole dang blog is basically just me blabbing about my opinions so I guess you're getting what you came for), but plants seem to radiate good vibes! I feel like every time I buy a new plant, I'm literally investing in my happiness. When I bring that new green cutie into my apartment, I envision my space taking a big, deep, happy breath. Does that sound crazy?

My love for plants just keeps growing (lol good pun amiright)! Every day before I leave for work, I open my windows and let the morning sunlight stream in. It feels so good! It feels like the sun's rays are rushing in to nourish my plants, my space, and me :)

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