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Affordable Summer Fashion

There is no better feeling than strutting your stuff in an awesome new outfit. Seriously, it makes me feel like a million bucks (even if the outfit was a bargain). I love trying out new looks, and adding fresh pieces to my wardrobe. But, this girl isn't made of money, so I'm always on the hunt for a great deal!

I've loved Forever 21 since the day I stumbled upon it. When I was in middle school, the mall I went to had a super small Forever 21 (nothing like their stores today). Back then, there seemed to be less of everything, so each find felt like uncovering a fashion treasure.

I've been working since I was 13, and took so much pride in saving up $20 to get a cool new tee shirt or accessory every few weeks (and probably a mocha frappuccino or two... 13 year old me was seriously ADDICTED to those).

To this day, I still love popping in to Forever every few weeks to scout out some deals.

I recently shot some of my new favorite summer pieces with my good friend (and awesome photographer), Lauren Holahan. Take a look, and I'll have everything I'm wearing linked at the bottom!


Polka Dot Wrap Dress - Forever 21

Gold Hoop Earrings - H&M

Sapphire Choker - Mejuri

Who What Wear Mules - Target

Poppy Sandal - TOMS

White Floral Embroidered Dress - Forever 21 (No longer available. I found a similar dress at Lulu's)

Black Baker Boy Hat - Forever 21 (No longer available. I found a similar hat at target).

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