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Your New Favorite Summer Drink (Trust me)!

There's nothing worse than ending an awesome summer weekend with your friends feeling icky AF *cough*hungover*cough*.

Idk about you, but this girl loves a good floral cocktail. However, I'm also very health conscious and picky about what I choose to put in my body. This leaves me at a tough crossroad when it comes to having a few drinks with friends: I want to enjoy myself, but I definitely don't want to slurp up a bunch of sugar and weird ingredients I can't even pronounce. #EW

What if I told you there's a drink brand run by a bunch of female boss babes with a mission we can all get behind?

SOCIAL's mission is to create the most health conscious alcohol to empower people to live vibrant connected lives.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can enjoy alcohol but still wake up with the energy to be present with those you love and share your talents with the world.

FINALLY, a brand that actually get's it! But, SOCIAL isn't just an awesome brand, they also have an inspiring story.

Leah, the founder of SOCIAL, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 26. Instead of taking the western approach to cancer medication, she turned to holistic medicine to cure her cancer. But, found she hit a real roadblock when it came to enjoying drinking and socializing with her friends. So, she set out on a mission to create a drink that wasn't harmful. Cue SOCIAL, it's 88 calories, organic, gluten free, sulfate free, and superfood infused.

I was lucky enough to be sent their new bottle of Strawberry Rosé. As a major drink branding junkie (no joke, i actually wrote my college thesis on beverage branding) how CUTE is it? Whenever I'm meeting up with friends, I definitely like to bring a cute bottle over (we have instagramming to do!) and this rosé totally hits the mark.

I invited some gal pals over after work a few days ago, and had them all give SOCIAL's new Strawberry Rosé a taste. Here's what they had to say:

Ashley: It almost reminds me of cotton candy, but also not. It's definitely refreshing. It might be nice to mix with lemonade! I like how light it is.

Lisa: It's very fragrant and almost tasted more like a cocktail than wine. Wait, actually what if you made it into Frosé!?!?!

Tory: I love the color of it! It makes for a very fun, fruity summery drink.

Our conclusion: SOCIAL has created a very unique product! We're all used to drinking regular wine, so the taste wasn't what we were expecting based on previous rosés we had tried, but we're also not used to drinking a wine that's not going to give us a headache the next morning. We liked it! We all had so much fun imagining up all of the amazing drinks we could make with the Strawberry Rosé.

I spend a lot of my summer weekends on my boyfriend's boat with friends, and every time I bring SOCIAL's original yummies (aka their cute little cans of sparkling sake), all my friends wind up asking where they can get the stuff. The cans are perfect to throw in your beach bag!

Basically, I always try to buy the highest quality food, skincare, makeup, etc..... why would I slack on choosing a summer drink? I'm pretty much the most annoying person ever when it comes to making choices, but for me, choosing SOCIAL is easy.

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