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My First Experience Flying a Plane

A few days ago, I took a flight lesson with Avier. I know, crazy right?

I arrived at Beverly Airport for 8:30 am and met a few colleagues. Then, we were lead across the runway to a (pretty bougie) lounge area to learn more about what to expect. They explained a bit about the planes, the instructors, and what would happen once we were in the air.

While I waited for my turn to fly, we had fresh watermelon, mini pastries, coffee, and other treats available to us. Idk if it was the leather couches, the french music playing, or the vintage 60's plane I was about to step into, but I felt like I was in Mad Men... @Don Draper where you at?

Myself and two cool girls I met while waiting for our turn chose to go up together, which put our plane at full capacity. Yup, these planes were nothing like the commercial planes we're all used to. I, a 5'2 person, had to majorly duck to get in and out (and maybe hit my head once or twice but I was #brave about it).

Let me tell you, that headset was giving me major Britney Spears 'Toxic' music video vibes. I really missed out on the chance to wear a sheer, crystal bodysuit... maybe next time.

I was the second one of our group to give flying a go. Our flight instructor handled take off (phew), but once we were at about 1000 ft up, it was my turn to take over.

For the record, it's significantly harder to keep a plane flying level than it is to drive a car straight. Our instructor explained that it's a bit like sailing a boat: the air has different pockets that act sort of like waves, but unlike waves in the ocean, you can't see them. So, you always have to be alert and reacting to how the plane is flying / how the air is effecting it. Granted, I imagine larger planes aren't tossed around as much as the little one I flew.

Isn't it crazy how close that view is? I was able to see the college I work at, beaches I go to, and my boyfriend's house from the air!

After landing, I got to check out one of their private planes! So, I pretty much peaked that day.

I had such an incredible experience flying and would 100% recommend it to anyone (as long as you don't have a major fear of heights or small spaces). Personally, I wasn't nervous about flying, but a few people I went with were. However, they all came out of the experience really glad they had done it, so don't let your nerves hold you back!

If you live in the Boston area, or plan on visiting any time soon, Avier currently has a few Groupons available! Check them out, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the experience.

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