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Post Grad Googles

I graduated college almost exactly 2 years ago, and I'll admit, it's tough! When you're suddenly responsible for every aspect of your life, there's so much opportunity to mess up (or at least it feels that way). Between figuring out your living situation, finances, career moves, relationships, etc., suddenly it feels like any wrong step and you could find yourself with a one way ticket to loserville.

Well folks, as a professionally cluleless "adult," I'll give you a tip: Google.

Over the past two years, I've searched for answers to some seemingly ridiculous questions. But, my philosophy is if you don't ask the questions, you wont get the answers. So no shame, right?

Need to know all of the above.

Because if they are, it'll make my purchase decisions feel much more justifiable.

Does it matter though? Because everyone will still tell you you're saying it wrong.

I live in a 400 sq ft studio apartment... who do I think I am making a Pinterest board of clawfoot bathtubs and custom closets?

My boyfriend says my apartment is a jungle, I say it's lively.

It's fruit... so there's antioxidents(?)... so like that's ok to have for dinner, right?

Just when you think you're finally through with breakouts, turns out cystic acne was just waiting for its moment to shine!!

I used to think nothing of free WiFi. But, now that I'm shelling out my own cash every month, I'm wishing it wasn't a modern necessity.

I way underestimated how hard to is to lock down a friendship with strangers you meet out and about (without them thinking you're a creep).

Why can't I have my oil changed without getting a lecture to convince me my car isn't safe to drive without buying $500 of new tires right then?

Still trying to figure this one out...

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