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Homewear Obsession: Rugs!

I love art. When I travel, I try to find art prints by local artists to take home as a souvenir and add to my collection. I'm constantly dragging my boyfriend to new museums and antique shops. I have about 4x more prints than I can physically fit on my apartment walls.

When there's no more room on the walls, move to the floor, right?

Since moving into my own place, I've been obsessed with looking at decorating inspo. Mostly, I stalk different home decor Instagrams and lust over everything at Anthropologie. I love so many of the home trends right now, but one that really sticks out to me is vintage rugs.

In particular, I love moroccan rugs.

I've been to a few rug shops, and I definitely love vintage turkish rugs as well. But, there is something about the irregular design and texture of moroccan rugs that really appeals to me. They're a boho dream!

The photos above are all from Etsy listings, but I also recently visited a local rug shop. My boyfriend and I winded up chatting with the owner, Ernesto, a super kind man from Iran, who spent over an hour helping us dig through his selection, and teaching us about the techniques and styles from each decade.

We walked in ready to browse around, and walked out wide eyed and overly tempted to drop a few thousand dollars on a vintage rug.

About a year ago, I bought the Hana Kilim Printed Rug from Urban Outfitters.

This rug was only $129, but adds so much to my living space (be on the lookout for a post on my apartment soon). I've actually had a few friends buy this rug after I told them what a deal it was. But, after seeing some real deal kilim rugs in person, I've realized what a huge difference there is between true, handmade vintage pieces, and cheaper replicas.

The moral of the story: I'm dying to invest in a vintage rug, but for now, I've got a pretty good knock off.

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