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Same Day, Two Stores: CVS & Sephora Haul

I've gotta say, I am LOYAL to CVS. I know don't exactly how I became blood sisters with a drugstore, but I know I'll go to a CVS over other drugstores even if its further away. Nothing gets me more excited than extra bucks (like I actually yell out "yes!!" when I see them printing in store... which is pretty embarrassing but whatever).

But don't get me wrong, I L O V E a good Sephora trip. I don't know what happens, but it's almost as if the second I step foot into Sephora I become a crazy person who thinks I can afford 3 $50 foundations #justbecause.

In preparation for my Miami trip I've mentioned in a few posts, I stocked up on some beauty essentials (and a few non-essentials).

Lets start with the mother of all drugstores:

I always go back to Herbal Essence. Once when I was in middle school, my mom bought another brand and I cried and said "You have to go get it right now. People tell me every day my hair smells good... they expect it... I NEED MY HAIR TO SMELL LIKE HERBAL ESSENCE!" ....So there's that. I used to always buy the coconut shampoo and conditioner, but decided to return to this tried and true pair.

I've been trying to grow my hair out (well, its already long... but I want it to be longer so when I get a trim it won't be short... I don't know ignore me). This stuff smells SO GOOD wow! I rub two pumps between my hands and work it through the ends of my damp hair. I'll admit, I'm not sure I've seen any crazy changes in my locks, but I will say I can't stop sniffing my hair.. so there's that.

I'm a big baby that's too scared of breaking out to use my St. Tropez Self Tanning Mousse on my face. But whats the point of putting in the work for a faux glow when your much paler face will give it all away? So, I like to use the Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer to gradually build up color on my face. Pro tip: In my experience, the darker shades don't seem to develop in color very differently, rather the darker the shade, the quicker it develops.

I love big lashes. As weird as this is going to sound, I almost like my lashes to look a little clumpy. I've been using Maybelline the Falsies Mascara for years (always in "Brownish Black"), and love to use both sides of the wand to layer it up. When I have a special event or fun night out, I love adding false lashes to the equation. I'll admit, this was my first time buying the Fauxmink Wispies, and the band was oddly thick, so I didn't wind up loving them.

I didn't need hairspray... I don't even really use hairspray. Yet, I saw this and had to buy it. I've never seen a hairspray bottle that looked so natural.... maybe because it isn't an aerosol can?

I love using beauty blenders, but I hate buying them. Why? Because it kills me to spend $20 on a sponge. Yet, the the OG really is so much better than all the copy cats out there. I don't know what that brush is called... I swear I blacked out in the check out line. Before I knew what hit me, it was my turn to check out and I had a bunch of stuff I didn't need in my little black and white striped bag. Needless to say, this cute little brush was returned a few days later.

It seems like everyone but me has a holy grail concealer, and for many people, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is it. I've used it before and liked it. But, the full size is pretty expensive. So when I saw this cute little mini size, I had to scoop it up.

Do I even need to explain this one? HOOLA Benefit is a classic. For me, this works best as a contour (as opposed to as a bronzer to warm up my face).

There's nothing worse than nailing your makeup, only to have it melt off your face a few hours later. Urban Decay has perfected setting spray in this product. I've also tried their other setting spray, and All Nighter is far superior.

A few months ago I lucked out and has a consultation with a Becca rep at Sephora. She did a full face on me, and I fell in love with their First Light Primer and Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme. Sadly, the day I went in they were out of my shade, so I decided to try the Aqua Luminous Foundation, and did not wind up loving it TBH. I actually exchanged the Aqua Luminous for the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, and so far I'm liking it. But, I'll probably go back to my beloved Becca when i finish the tube.

Are you obsessed with Sephora, or are you more of a drugstore girl?

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