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How I Became a Pescetarian.

Being pescatarian means I'm basically a vegetarian, who also eats fish.

I became a pescatarian about 4 years ago..... by accident.

Yep. You would think such a big lifestyle change would have to be a pretty intentional choice, but not for me. During my junior year of college, I started becoming really health conscious. Our dining hall had lots of options, but I became more weary of the large trays of chicken breast being served by the hundred.

So, I started choosing salads, omelettes, stir fryes, steamed veggies... then one day, I realized it had been about 6 months since I had eaten meat. Say whattttt!?!

Interestingly, in that same timeframe I had lost about 15lbs, started feeling healthier, and had the energy / motivation to go to the gym most days. I figured my unintentional diet change had to have correlated with these positive changes somehow.

So, I just went with it... and I'm still just kind of going with it.

I'm lucky to live in an area with good, local seafood, and a variety of health conscious restaurants and shops. So, eating this way hasn't been very difficult for me. I will admit, it can sometimes be tough to order at restaurants (I also have a dairy intolerance), but I've found it really fun to try to cook my own pescetarian meals. Raw meat always freaked me out, so for me cooking with mostly veggies, fruits, and fish is more appealing anyway.

I have friends who eat vegan, and I have friends who will eat anything that tastes good. Your diet is your choice. However, since becoming pescetarian, I've done a bit of research and discovered cutting meat out of your diet is pretty beneficial to the environment!

There are pros and cons to most things in life, but for me, eating pescetarian has been really beneficial.

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